Product Development

Product Development

Product development

Product developments from the concept to working sample have been delivered to some of our esteemed customers. Below are some of our products which have been designed and developed independently by us.

This product is built around Renesas R8C microcontroller and
Microchip PIC24F series micro controller. This system is quiet complex as
it includes controlling of thermal printer, graphics LCD, Lithium ion battery
charging, SD Card, etc. This product is currently in mass production and is
being used for ticket issue purpose in the Buses, pay and park, etc.

GPS Data logger is built using Renesas RL78 micro and is typically
used for tracking the commercial vehicles. It logs the different parameters
of the vehicle such as Speed, vehicle’s location (longitude and latitude),
wait time, etc.This helps the transport centre gather the data for further

TCI firmware was developed for China customer for use in Automotive
Ignition application. This was built around 8 bit & 16 bit microcontroller platform.
It is quiet intelligent as it varies ignition timings, dwell timings, etc based
on RPM, temperature, battery health, etc.

Immobilizer and Answerback was developed for Mahindra Two
Wheelers for their ‘Centuro’ model. It was based on 16 bit MCU and
other peripherals from NXP & Micrel. This design is being successfully
transferred for production.